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Jeanny Wang, Godly Play Advocate, has been the Chaplain at Holy Trinity School, hosting Godly Play with all classes. The school, in Northwood, Lomdon, is looking for an experienced Godly Play storyteller to help them to support their work nurturing children’s spirituality. The school has a fully equipped Godly Play classroom. We asked Jeanny to tell us a little more about the school and her experience there.

How did you get involved at Holy Trinity?

After completing the 3-day Godly Play training, I did a short voluntary period, initially shadowing the RE teacher who delivered some GP.  When she went on maternity leave, I was offered the task of delivering Godly Play to the whole school and every child. The Headteacher created a unique paid role for this. One day’s work soon became three, then four days across two schools.

My seven years of working at Holy Trinity school (and St. Jerome’s, in Harrow for a period) was a paid position which developed into a chaplaincy role.

What did you like best about this work?

I loved this role! My favourite parts were the interaction and engagement with and from the children and seeing that GP was the highlight of their day; the thing they look forward to most. And the fun, the surprises, the laughter and God showing up … and being with God in this way has changed everything.

How is Godly Play shared with the children in this school?

Every two weeks, half the class of every year group from Nursery to Year 6 will have a 45-60 minute session in our dedicated Godly Play room. It’s timetabled as an important part of their worship curriculum.

How are class teachers involved?

They are not really involved, except to visit occasionally. They did watch the videos of me telling stories during lockdown school with their class and when bubbles couldn’t mix. The class teachers would then facilitate wondering and response time in their classrooms with their class.

What does a potential volunteer need to bring besides their Godly Play training and experience?

A willingness to go with the flow and be flexible in a normal busy primary school environment, and the ability to laugh!

For a volunteer, Godly Play in a school environment can be tiring and challenging, as well as extremely rewarding, so give your time carefully. It’s much better to give quality than quantity.


For more information about volunteering please contact Headteacher of Holy Trinity School, Clare Rodenas, on 01923-822529 or email

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