Godly Play can be shaped to improve later life experiences of self and spirituality for diverse older people.
These settings include nursing homes, residential care, retirement villages, lunch clubs, and with inter generational groups.
It also brings spiritual well being to people who are living with dementia.

When used in the context of working with adults Godly Play can be helpfully renamed Stories for the Soul

The project began in Sheffield in February 2016 (funded by the Diocese of Sheffield and the Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust) and now this has grown into a national project (funded by a Christian Projects grant from The Henry Smith Charity and from The Vine Church in Sheffield).

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Training in Godly Play with Elders

We offer a one day training for using Godly Play with elders. These are for anyone who has completed the 3 day accreditation course in Godly Play. Enrichment Day on using Godly Play with older adults

Training Days
The one day training will address:

  • the spirituality of older people;
  • adapting Godly Play for a variety of care settings;
  • working with elders who have dementia;
  • working with care home managers and care home staff.

Contact Kathryn Lord   kathrynlord22@gmail.com

Using Godly Play with people living with Dementia

Using Godly Play with people living with Dementia

Many needs are being addressed within a Godly Play session that enables mutuality and empowerment: the valuing of individuals and the building of community; reminiscence; mental and spiritual health support; maintaining self and purpose. Read here a case study on the benefits Godly Play brings to people who are living with dementia

Church Publishing, Inc has  released a digital book by US Godly Play Trainer The Rev. Lois Howard: Using Godly Play with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients. Based on Lois’ years of experience with the Godly Play method and practice in facilities with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

New Digital Content – GP with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

Richard Allen, NHS mental health Chaplain, and Alison Seaman describe their experience of using Godly Play in a day care setting with people living with dementia. They reflect on the specific issues raised by working with older people with short-term memory problems.

Dementia and Godly Play