Can Godly Play work with children in an urban area who have no church background? The answer is definitely ‘Yes!’

Here are examples of Godly Play bringing spiritual nurture to vulnerable children….

How can something that requires children to sit quietly, listen to each other and respond individually work with a group of children that cannot listen to one another, sit still (at all),  share attention, come with x-rated baggage, and a level of confidence in their boots?…..
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North Ormesby is an Urban Parish near the centre of Middlesbrough, child poverty is 55% and there are many challenges for children growing up in this neighbourhood.  We arrived in a parish with no children in the church and no strong links with the local community primary school.  We wanted to offer something good to the children, something that we hoped would nurture them, and provide a safe space for them to discover more about themselves, about community and about God……
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