Upcoming 3-day accredited core training

Monkseaton, North Tyneside: 3-day Accredited Core Training (spread over 4 days)

3 Day Accredited Core Training (spread over 4 days) – Fridays and Saturdays – February and March 2018

Venue: The Parish Church of St. Mary, Monkseaton

Dates: Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd February, Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd March 2018

Times: Each day begins at 9.30 am and ends at 4.30... [Read more]

Glasgow: 3 Day Accredited Training course

Venue: UF Community Hall, 211 Cumbernauld Road, Chryston, Glasgow G69 9ND

Dates: Mon 5th – Wed 7th March 2018

Times: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm (except on final day of course, end at 5.30 pm)

Cost: £295  (non residential, includes training handbook and lunches)

Booking link:



Gosport: 3 Day Accredited Training Course

Venue: Freedom Centre, Netherton Road, Gosport PO12 4PH

Dates: Monday 9th – Wednesday 11th April 2018

Times: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm (except on final day of course which ends at 5 pm)

Trainers: Sian Hancock & Andrea Harrison

Cost: £295 (non-residential, includes training handbook. Please bring your... [Read more]

Moffat, Scotland: 3 Day Accredited Training course

Venue: Telford Manor House, between Beattock and Moffat, just off the M74

Dates: Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May 2018

Trainers: Alex Mackenzie, Michelle Brown and Richard Knott

Times: Starting at 5pm on Friday 4th May

Cost: From £375 (residential) – see booking form for options and... [Read more]

Ottershaw, Surrey: 3-Day Course

Ottershaw, Surrey: 3 Day Accredited Training Course

Venue: Christ Church, Ottershaw, Surrey KT16 0PB

Dates: Tues 8th – Thurs 10th May 2018

Times: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm (except on final day of course, ends at 5.30 pm)

Trainers: Sue North-Coombes and Cass Meurig

Cost:  £295 (non-residential, includes training, handbook,... [Read more]

Cambridge: 3-Day Accredited Training Course

Venue: St Mark’s Church, Barton Road, Newnham, Cambridge CB3 9JZ

Dates: 3 Saturdays: April 21st, April 28th and June 9th 2018

Times: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm (except on final day of course, end at 5.00 pm)

Trainers: Rebecca Nye and Andrea Harrison

Cost: £295 (non residential, includes training, handbook... [Read more]

Llantarnam Abbey, Wales: 3 Day Accredited Training course

Venue:    Ty Croeso centre, Llantarnam Abbey, Cwmbran, NP44 3YJ

Date:        Wednesday 4th –Friday 6th July 2018

Times:      8.30 to 8.30 except finishing at 5.30 on the last day.

Trainers:  Diana Williams and Cass Meurig

Cost:         Residential £410 (8 residential places available at Ty... [Read more]

Exeter: 3-Day Accredited Training


Venue: The Great Hall, The Old Deanery, Exeter,  EX1 1HS

Dates: 24th, 25th  & 26th July 2018

Times: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm (except on final day of course, end at 5.00 pm)

Trainers: Rebecca Nye, Katherine Lyddon and Alison Summerskill

Cost: £295 (non residential, includes training,... [Read more]

Exeter: 3-Day Accredited Training Course

Venue: The Great Hall, The Old Deanery, Exeter,  EX1 1HS

Dates: Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th September 2018

Times: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm (except on final day of course, end at 5.00 pm)

Trainers: Peter Privett and Katherine Lyddon

Cost: £295 (non residential, includes training, handbook, sandwich... [Read more]

Didsbury, Manchester: 3-Day Accredited Training Course

Venue: Emmanuel Church Godly Play Room, 6 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester M20 6TR

Date: 26th – 28th September 2018

Times: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm (except on final day of course, end at 5.30 pm)

Trainers: Peter Privett and Rebecca Nye

Cost: £295 (non-residential, includes training, handbook, lunches and morning... [Read more]


What courses can I take in Godly Play?

Godly Play courses vary in depth and detail…. a taster workshop (e.g. an evening) or a 1 day introduction is a good way to see if you would like to explore things further. Training to use Godly Play yourself takes more than a day… the 3 day accredited core training is designed to get you started in practising Godly Play.

Taster Sessions 

Our network of Godly Play Advocates can often come to offer a taster session of approximately 2 hours. Please contact the trainer in your area to request this. They might also put you in touch with a local church already using Godly Play.

Alternatively, check with the officers responsible for children’s work in the local regional office of your denomination. Sometimes they are able to offer a (basic introduction) taster at a time and place to suit you.

Introductory Days

Participants can experience key elements of the Godly Play approach (including one or two stories), see a carefully laid out children’s sacred space and explore many of the resources. The group size is small, so ideal for asking all your questions. You can book as an individual or bring your group. See the website for current one day introductions, or contact the trainer in your region to request one. INSET is also an option our trainers can offer for schools.

3-day accredited Core Training

These certificated courses are led by accredited members of the College of Trainers of Godly Play UK. Over 3 days (minimum 25 hours training) this training develops your ability to use Godly Play methods and understand its principles. The training follows an action/reflection model of learning – learning through hands-on experience and reflection rather than lectures. There is a mixture of trainer-led sessions, and opportunities for coached participant storytelling presentations. We work in a model Godly Play environment, with the opportunity to use and see a comprehensive set of resources. Each day focuses on different kinds of Godly Play (sacred stories, parables and liturgical action/Church practice) so you will learn how different genres of Christian language can support spiritual exploration.

Workshops in the core module also cover:
Setting up a Godly Play Environment
The Spirituality of Childhood
Your particular concerns and questions.

You can find details on this website of forthcoming 3 day training around the UK by going to Courses or please contact Rebecca Nye to find out about 3 day trainings that are in the planning stages.

Further training

Further training allows you to go deeper into Godly Play. The courses are designed for those who have attended the 3 day course or who have significant experience of Godly Play. They cover areas such as Going deeper into Response Time and Creating a sacred space. They also cover the new stories found in Volumes 6, 7 and 8.  Further training can take place over one or two days.

Please contact your regional trainer if there is an interest in a particular issue in your local area then you may wish to contact a trainer to see if a course can be arranged.

Regional and Local network meetings

These are for local people to get together and share a Godly Play story together and to share experiences of using Godly Play. All are welcome; those who are new to Godly Play and those who have many years of experience – we are all on a learning journey.

Who are the courses for?

Courses participants have included:

  • Children’s Work Advisers
  • Clergy
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • School/Head teachers
  • those wishing to make connections with Godly Play and adult learning and growth

Courses have been enriched by a broad mix of Christian denominations.

Anyone can attend any of these courses – clergy, children’s or youth workers (volunteer or employed), school teachers, parents, members of other faiths/none.

Are there subsidised places on the courses?

Godly Play UK makes 10% of its annual profit available to subsidise the costs of attending one of its training courses. If you would like to apply for a bursary, please email the Chair, detailing how you fulfil the criteria below.

Grant Making Policy

GPUK will make 10% of annual profits available to subsidise the cost of attending one of its training courses.

Conditions: Applicants must be from parishes/areas where resources are scarce (eg Urban Priority Area). Joint funding with other bodies to cover accommodation and travel is preferable.
Restrictions: Ideally two applicants are preferable for mutual supportPriorities: Areas/denominations where GP is not yet established. Applicants who have a thought out strategy to disseminate GP.
Procedure: Application in writing to Chair, who should seek approval from trustees before awarding grant.
Checks: Applicant should provide details of at least one referee, who can support the application. Applicants need to show they have the support of their denomination.
Monitoring: Progress report will be sought 6 months following the course. Details of those awarded grants will be reported in Annual Report.