Godly Play has spread in all kinds of places and ways!

Do you feel called to have a role in helping ensure this growth continues?

Could you share your passion for Godly Play with others?


The role of Godly Play Advocates is to help disseminate Godly Play to new local audiences and to support existing local networks of practitioners.

Advocates will provide support for, and be supported by, their region’s accredited GP trainer.

Advocates will not provide ‘training’ in Godly Play, but will play an important role in encouraging people to undertake training and a role in supporting those who’ve already done training.


What does it involve?

This volunteer role involves approximately 6 hours a month; though anyone willing to do more than this would be welcome to do so.

Exactly what you do will depend upon your skills, your experience and the needs of your local trainer.  For example in one area of the country the priority may be to demonstrate Godly Play through introductions to churches, or groups of adults working with children.  In another part of the country an advocate may run a regular storytelling circle for local practitioners.

Some advocates may lack expertise in working with children, but will have a great deal of experience in working with other groups like elderly people, or those with additional needs.



Advocates need to have completed a 3 day training in Godly Play, and gained further experience subsequently using Godly Play themselves.

Advocates need to have demonstrated a commitment to their continuing learning and development – they may have attended Annual Lectures or Enrichment Training and engaged in personal reading and reflection.



*    Advocates need to be able to model good practice when presenting stories from the Complete Guide, model Godly Play with good quality resources, and understand and be able to communicate that GP is more than a method of storytelling.

*    Advocates will have good interpersonal skills such that they are able to create a safe space where people can engage freely with Godly Play.

*    Advocates will be enthusiastic and able to communicate their enthusiasm to inspire others.

*    It is desirable that advocates will possess sufficient organisational skills to keep a database of contacts, shared with their Trainer and the Godly Play administrator (Sheila Rogers).

*    Advocates will be reliable in keeping appointments.

*    If the Advocate role agreed with the local Trainer involves working with children or vulnerable adults the appropriate safeguarding checks must be carried out.


Does this sound like you?

You can apply now to be a Godly Play Advocate using the form below.
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