In addition to offering courses in Godly Play, the trainers are happy to be contacted about bespoke training for your context. The biographies below give an idea of individual trainers’ special interests.

Lead Trainer for Godly Play UK: Rachel Bainton

Rachel Bainton's biography

MOP_7916 copy (1)Rachel is (by profession) a Mechanical Engineer, however, now she is exploring self-employment as a maker and seller of crafts, including eggs (yes, ukrainian ones too) and spoons as well as being being the UK’s Lead Trainer.  She is based in the parish of St. Mary, Monkseaton near Newcastle upon Tyne and has been involved in Godly Play since 2004, using it regularly in church, and taking it out into other churches and schools in the diocese.  The church now has a fully equipped Godly Play room, and local schools are invited to visit the church to enjoy full sessions.  She enjoys supporting and training others in the art of this Christian nurture, and to offer help and support for all those involved in Godly Play in the North East.

Rebecca Nye: Dr. Rebecca Nye

Dr. Rebecca Nye's biography

Dr Rebecca Nye

Dr Rebecca Nye


Rebecca’s research on children’s spirituality (eg The Spirit of the Child, Hay  and Nye  1998/2006) brought her into contact with Jerome Berryman and Godly Play, and led her to introducing Godly Play to the UK. She established the first Godly Play room and directed a 2 year project on Godly Play and Children’s Spirituality at the Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies, University of Cambridge. Rebecca’s background is in developmental psychology (co-author of Psychology for Christian Ministry, Watts, Nye and Savage 2002), so her interest in Godly Play is part of a wider interest in faith development, approaches to religious education and pedagogy and the spirituality of teachers. Rebecca enjoys offering post-graduate supervision in these areas, giving talks and most of all enthusing others about Godly Play’s potential for their contexts (aka training!). She has experience of using Godly Play with pre-schoolers, children in parish and school settings, theological students and bishops!

The Rev’d Peter Privett

Peter is the International  Training Consultant for the UK, Europe and beyond.

The North

Mary Cooper (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Mary Cooper's biography

Mary CooperMary is a retired teacher of many years experience, predominantly in early-years.  She uses Godly Play in schools and at her local church, also St Mary’s Monkseaton. She also currently organises and delivers training in the region and beyond.  Mary’s current special responsibility within the Godly Play circle of trainers is to support the Godly Play advocates.


Supporting areas in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Merseyside.

Kathryn Lord (Sheffield)

Kathryn Lord's biography

Kathryn LordKathryn has helped establish ‘Mutual Blessings’ – a Sheffield Christian movement which seeks to support spiritually enriching practices using the method and principles of Godly Play with people of all ages or needs, but especially those who may be on the edge of the church’s ministry. She is particularly involved in the development of Godly Play in schools and amongst older people in care settings Kathryn is the children’s work co-ordinator at The Vine Church, Netherthorpe in an inner city area of Sheffield. The church has a Godly Play room and uses Godly Play in many different contexts. Kathryn has also advised in the setting up of a number of other Godly Play rooms and spaces. Before her involvement with Godly Play, Kathryn was a Science teacher and is convinced that Godly Play can help us to see what education should really be all about. She is committed to help change the culture and ethos in communities such as schools, religious organisations, care settings and work places through Godly Play and through Deep Talk.
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Kate Cornwell (Sheffield)

Kate Cornwell's biography

Kate is currently training for ministry at St Peter’s College in Sheffield and was previously a physiotherapist and self-employed childminder. She leads Godly Play sessions at The Vine Church in Sheffield, and has taken Godly Play into 4 local primary schools. She currently works as a trainer with Mutual Blessings, exploring the use of Godly Play with older people and supporting churches and schools in setting up spiritually-enriching spaces. She also enjoys facilitating adult group discussion using ‘Deep Talk’ – an adaptation of Godly Play which helps working communities to explore their vision and purpose.


Susie Steel (Hull)

Susie Steel's biography

Susie is a supply teacher with many years teaching experience, with a particular love for the early years. In the last few years she has become passionate about raising awareness of the impact of early trauma on children, and has starting training people in ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). She works part time for the Methodist Church, and tutors local children. So many different “hats” but one core love – that of being involved in children’s lives. A mindfulness of the treasure that is childhood spirituality is a common thread that runs though all of the different roles. Godly Play neatly pulls the threads together for Susie; whether working with children or adults; in church or in schools. Susie has a Godly Play room “on wheels”, and leads a network based in Hull.

The West Midlands

Please contact either Claire Wesley or Kathryn Lord


Stuart Lee

Stuart Lee's biography

Portrait 1Stuart is an Anglican priest working in the Diocese of Southwark, having previously worked in the theatre. He enjoys being alongside people as they grow spiritually through the Godly Play tradition and has used it regularly in church and school settings. He is particularly interested in using Godly Play with adults as a way to nurture faith and deepen the spiritual life. He is currently Chaplain to a large almshouse community in South London where he is introducing Godly Play to elderly residents.


The East

Andrea Harrison

Andrea Harrison's biography

Andrea is employed by the Salvation Army as a Godly Play Enabler. She enjoys travelling the UK to support and encourage people working with children and adults in many contexts.

She regularly uses Godly Play in a local school and at the Anglican church she attends.

She offers introductory days and taster sessions in Godly Play.


The South-East

Sue North-Coombes

Sue North-Coombes' biography

Sue has been a FE lecturer, primary school teacher and youth and children’s worker. She set up the Guildford Diocesan Godly Play classroom at Christchurch, Ottershaw and now works in developing its use in training for schools, churches and groups of all ages.  She is keen to offer help and support for all those involved in Godly Play in the South East. She is happy to travel – so please feel free to contact her! 

Judy Yeomans

Judy Yeomans' biography

Judy has been a Speech and Language Therapist, editorial assistant and more recently Children’s leader and worker in her local church.  She has been using Godly Play since 2010 and welcomes all opportunities to share stories and wondering with children and adults alike.  She runs a Sunday Club Godly Play group with three other team members and also takes Godly Play into a local school.  She co-ordinates the thriving Sussex Godly Play Network and occasionally works with a Primary Education Consultant helping teachers to see a different way of being and working with children. 

The South-West

Sian Hancock

Sian Hancock's biography

Sian has worked with children, young people and their families in a range of community settings over the years including primary school. She is an Associate Tutor at Bristol Baptist College and Oasis College. In teaching and at training events, she has used Godly Play with ministers in training, youth and children’s workers, students and parents. She introduced Godly Play to her local Baptist church which subsequently committed to following the two year curriculum with children and adults! Sian is a Young Victims’ Advocate supporting children and young people affected by crime through the criminal justice system with a coping and recovery therapy.
Sian has a deep sense of calling to see children develop in their own spirituality and faith journey and is passionate for a Godly Play approach to this. She is currently in the final stages of a professional doctorate in Practical Theology where her research has focussed on girls aged 7-14 years – their identity, world and faith. Any spare time she has, she enjoys sharing with her daughters and grandchildren, her neighbourhood book group and walking her King Charles Cavalier, Pippin.

Katherine Lyddon

Katherine Lyddon's biography

Katherine works as Children and Families Rural Pioneer, in the Tone Deanery, Somerset.  “When I discovered Godly Play 9 years ago, it changed my thinking and my practice and influences many areas of my work.  I love it with a passion because it releases children’s Spirituality in a way I have not seen in other settings.”  Previous to this new job Katherine was Diocesan Children’s Work Adviser (0-11 year olds) in the Diocese of Exeter and before that was a primary school teacher for 8 years in the UK, China and Uganda and loves learning about and sharing lives with other people. 

Alison Summerskill

Alison Summerskill's biography

Alison is a former children’s nurse and health visitor.  From 2002-2018 she was children and families’ pastor and Reader at St Andrew’s Churchdown, where she set up a Godly Play room. Now retired, she volunteers with the Chaplaincy at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She is working with schools in Gloucestershire to explore how Godly Play can inform the delivery of RE and PHSE.  Alison enjoys travel and has visited places as disparate as Romania and Thailand with Godly Play in her suitcase.


Cass Meurig

Cass Meurig's biography

Cass is a musician and is training for ministry in the Church in Wales. She lives in Bala in North Wales and runs a Godly Play group in Christ Church, Bala through the medium of Welsh. She enjoys sharing Godly Play with children and adults and is in the process of translating the stories into Welsh.
Mae Cass yn gerddor ac yn hyfforddi ar gyfer gweinidogaeth yn yr Eglwys yng Nghymru. Mae hi’n byw yn y Bala ac yn rhedeg grwp Chwarae yng Nghwmni Duw yn Eglwys Crist, y Bala drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg. Mae hi’n mwynhau rhannu Godly Play gyda phlant ac oedolion ac yn y broses o gyfieithu’r straeon i’r Gymraeg.

Diana Williams

Diana William's biography

Diana currently works in a nursery and enjoys bringing Godly play to children during primary school years and beyond. She is the trainer for South Wales and runs a Godly Play group at Holy Trinity Church, Abergavenny.
As well as working with children, Diana also loves bringing Godly Play to adults both through training and as a tool for enriching their own spiritual journey. She enjoys watching and encouraging the growth of Godly Play across Wales, in all denominations.
Godly Play Scotland

Alex Mackenzie

Alex Mackenzie's biography

Alex is based in Edinburgh and has set up the Godly Play room at Cramond Kirk.  She is part of Godly Play Scotland, introducing and promoting Godly Play across Scotland, she is happy to help and support anyone involved in Godly Play.  Alex is also happy to travel and Godly Play Scotland run Discovery Days all around the country.  You can find details of these at

Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown's biography

Michelle is the Family Worker at Portobello and Joppa Parish Church in Edinburgh. She is originally from the USA, where she worked in children’s and youth ministry for the Presbyterian Church USA at a church in Boston and a summer camp in New Hampshire.  She came to Edinburgh to attain a MTh in Theological Ethics: Media from New College at the University of Edinburgh. Michelle was trained in Godly Play in 2008 and has shared it in a Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church of Scotland, a nursery playgroup, a Scripture Union after school club and at her son’s primary school.  She has also been involved with Godly Play Scotland since it formed in 2010 and became an Advocate for Godly Play UK in 2015.  She trained to be a Trainer for Godly Play Scotland in November 2017 and she is looking forward to sharing Godly Play with more people around Scotland in the years ahead. 


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