Great News – Godly Play materials available once more

It is great news that the Godly Play materials are once again available from St Michael’s Workshop at Bowthorpe. Find what they have to offer

This has been a hard time for the workshop, most particularly for their trainees, who have a variety of physical and learning disabilities, and are still not permitted to attend the place that is their social lifeline. We wish to thank Bob and all his staff for all the extra work that is demanded of them during this emergency.

The Holy Family, the People of God and the People of the World are leaving the Godly Play Room for now. I wonder where they are going?

Our Godly Play UK trainers are searching for the best ways to support the spiritual nurture of children and adults during this time.

1) Ideas and tips about doing online ‘live’ Godly Play sessions using Zoom to include all the elements of the session – circle building, story, wondering, response and feast.

2) Recordings of some Godly Play stories for sharing as you wish. These will be available on Youtube.

3) Resources that use the Godly Play language and the principles of STORY and PLAY that you can download and share.

Covid-19 information

Core Training Courses up until the end of July 2020 have been postponed. Please check back here for further updates.

Because of the uncertainty over when restrictions on movement and gatherings will be lifted, we are not putting up new course dates for now. However, we are still planning courses for late 2020 and into 2021, so please do get in touch and leave your contact details with us. Email:

We’d be glad to send you course details that may be of interest to you, as soon as they become available.

Resources – Godly Play in a New Way

Ideas and possibilities for wondering about Pentecost

Here is Jerusalem ...

Holy week and Good Friday

Here are some things you might like to do.

Using the Internet for Godly Play

Two Godly Play trainers describe a Godly Play session in a programme on Manx Radio.

All the story you need

Ela reflects on the Great Family

Josh finds contentfulness, freedom and trust

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