3-day courses 2018

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Tyneside: St. Mary’s, Monkseaton 2 & 3 February, 2 & 3 March Friday & Saturday
Glasgow: UF Community Hall, Chryston 5 – 7 March  Monday -Wednesday
Gosport: Freedom Centre, Netherton Road 9 – 11 April Monday -Wednesday
Moffat, Scotland: Telford Manor House 4 – 6 May Residential  Friday – Sunday
Cambridge: St Mark’s, Newnham 21 & 28 April, 9 June 3 Saturdays
Surrey: Christ Church, Ottershaw 8 – 10 May Tuesday – Thursday
South Wales: Llantarnam Abbey, Cwmbran 4 – 6 July Residential Wednesday – Friday
Exeter: The Great Hall, The Old Deanery 24 – 26 July Tuesday – Thursday
Manchester: Emmanuel Church, Didsbury 26 – 28 September Wednesday – Friday
York: Ampleforth Abbey 16 – 18 October Residential  Tuesday – Thursday

What is Godly Play?

A creative and imaginative approach to Christian nurture, Godly Play

  • is based on long established, tried and tested approaches,
  • uses symbols and objects as well as words
  • values process, openness and discovery
  • and encourages people to make meaning for themselves

It invites listeners into stories and encourages them to connect the stories with personal experience.

Godly Play

  • is  a non-coercive way to encourage children to move into larger dimensions of belief and faith
  • uses wondering questions and open-ended response time
  • aims to develop a deeper understanding of stories, symbols and rites
  • a way of preparing children to join in the worship and life of their faith community.

Developed originally as a resource for children, Godly Play is now being used with a wide range of age groups in a diversity of settings.

It can be used in a variety of settings – churches, schools, care settings and hospitals, and among people with and without formal religious faith.

Godly Play is one of several variations of the Montessori tradition of religious education and was developed in the United States by Dr Jerome Berryman.

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