Who We Are

We are a Charity

Godly Play UK is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Our registered number is 1116846.

Charitable Objects

To advance the Christian faith in particular but not so as to limit the generality of the foregoing by means of a method of Christian education and spiritual direction using religious language and symbol to help people become more aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives in such parts of the United Kingdom or the world as the Trustees may from time to time think fit and to fulfil such other purposes which are exclusively charitable according to the law of England and Wales and are connected with the charitable work of the trust.

We are part of an International Movement

Godly Play UK forms part of an international network of associations and other organisations linked to the Godly Play Foundation 

You can find out more about Godly Play around the world here. You will find a world map showing countries where Godly Play is practised, a covenant of agreement that  details the ways we work together, and links to The Circle, a magazine that describes the development of Godly Play in many situations.

You can also read about the establishment and development of Godly Play through the work of its Founder Jerome Berryman.

Here is a Quick Summary

  • We have 8 Trustees and 23 Volunteers
  • Have a look at our Trustees’ Handbook
  • We were registered as a charity on 16 November 2006
  • We have no employees with salaries over £60,000
  • No trustees receive any remuneration, payments or benefits from the charity.
  • We raise funds from the public and we do not work with professional fundraisers or commercial participators.
  • We do not have any trading subsidiaries.
  • In 2020 our total income was £8,387 and our total expenditure was £9,483.


Meet Our Trustees

  • Gill Ambrose

    Gill Ambrose

    Chair of Trustees

    Gill worked with Rebecca Nye and a wonderful group of volunteers in 2001 to turn an unused old building into a Godly Playroom. In the following few years the room was visited by hundreds of trainees as the Godly Play...

  • Adrian Chatfield

    Adrian Chatfield

    Adrian is a parish priest and theological educator with 46 years’ experience in the Caribbean, the UK and in Southern Africa. As a spiritual director and mentor, he is particularly interested in human co-creativity with God, and the place of...

  • Mary Hawes

    Mary Hawes

    Mary is the Church of England’s National Going for Growth (Children and Youth) Adviser. Mary is advocate for the Church’s ministry with, for and by children up to the age of 18 and young people, including implementing ‘Going4Growth’, the Education...

  • Heather Moger

    Heather Moger

    For me, doing Godly Play has been transformative: from my first encounter in the early days in Cambridge with Rebecca Nye and Gill Ambrose, the Godly Play stories have threaded their way through the tapestry of my days, ...

  • Vicky Parry

    Vicky Parry

    Vicky joined the Trustees in May 2017. Vicky worked as a teacher before retraining as a Management Accountant working in property management and as the CEO of a company offering support in the community to adults with learning disabilities, physical...

  • Rosemary Privett

    Rosemary Privett

    Rosemary trained as a primary school teacher in the 70’s. After a short period of time bringing up a family, she returned to work, spending some time teaching in special education. This included ground-breaking work as an integration support teacher,...

  • Dani Redhead

    Dani Redhead

    Danielle’s interest is in the use of Godly Play in schools and with very young children. She helps run a Godly Play programme at St Mark’s Church in Cambridge and leads a Godly Play toddler group in Cambridge. She works...

  • Anne Richards

    Anne Richards

    Anne is National Public Policy Adviser (specialising in modern society, popular culture, contemporary spirituality and apologetics) in the Faith and Public Life Team for the Church of England, based at Lambeth Palace. She is also convener of the ecumenical Mission...

  • Rob Rogers

    Rob Rogers

    Rob started life as an engineering apprentice and trained as a teacher of Design and Technology in 1977. He went on to become a Head of Department in two Coventry secondary schools,  leaving in 1987 to train for the...

  • Alison Shaw

    Alison Shaw

    Encountering Godly Play twenty years ago has been as much of a journey as my voyage to Australia last year (see pic!).

    It has taught me, encouraged me, excited and frustrated me, but has always occupied a special and cherished...

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