Godly Play was developed in the context of a traditional western observance of the Christian year: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany; Lent, Holy Week and Easter, ending with Pentecost, interspersed with periods of Ordinary Time – the ‘great, green growing season’.

You can find the stories for these great Christians festivals, and their preparation time in the three books of core stories, Volumes 3 and 4 of The Complete Guide to Godly Play. Additionally Volume 8 provides seven stories to use in the long Easter season, exploring some post-resurrection Gospel stories and concluding with Ascension and Pentecost.

Here is where to find these festival stories and the opportunities for wondering and responding that they offer.

Volume 3

Lessons 1-4: the four weeks of Advent

Lesson 5: Epiphany

Additionally there are two Enrichments: A Children’s Liturgy for Christmas Eve and The Mystery of Christmas

Volume 4

Lesson 1: The Mystery of Easter (the cross)

Lessons 2-8: the Faces of Easter I-VII (that can be used through Lent and on Easter Sunday

Lesson 13: The Mystery of Pentecost

Additionally there are two Enrichments: The Crosses and Easter Eggs

Lesson 15 explores The Holy Trinity and might be used on Trinity Sunday

Volume 8

The Knowing Jesus in a New Way series of lessons for the season of Easter

Lesson 7: Known in Absence (Mark 16.1-7; Matthew 28.1-8; Luke 24.1-11; John 20.1-10)

Lesson 8: Known in the Breaking of Bread (Luke 24.13-35)

Lesson 9: Known in Doubt (Luke 20.19-29)

Lesson 10: Known in the Morning (John 21.1-23)

Lesson 11: Known in Making Him Known (Matthew 28.16-20; Mark 16.15-18)

Lesson 12: Known in Waiting (Mark 16.19-20; Luke 24.50-53; Acts 1.9-12)

Lesson 13: Known by the Holy Spirit (Acts 2.1-13)

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