Our new courses – online

Since the distant days of Lockdown One, our wonderful trainers have worked incredibly hard to find out what will work as Godly Play training online. This has been a really successful development and people can now have an Experience of Godly Play in a 90-minute session online. This is a very basic beginner experience, for people who don’t know much about Godly Play but would like to find out. We’ll offer this regularly from now on.

An Introduction to Godly Play is essentially a short one-day introduction but spread over three 90-minute online sessions, a week or so apart. We’ll run these regularly too. Participants will learn about the three different story types in Godly Play as well as the basic principles of the way Godly Play supports spiritual development and growth.

Thank you to all our trainers who have worked so creatively to develop these new offerings. Face-to-face courses are now resuming, cautiously!

Gill Ambrose, Chair of the Trustees of Godly Play UK

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