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Online workshop Godly Play and Ignatian Spirituality

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About this Workshop
In this workshop Brenda Timmer explores the intersections between Godly Play and Ignatian Spirituality. What might spirituality be in practice – how we live it out and what we need to be able to do this? To set the scene, Brenda tells us a little about St Ignatius, his dreams and journeys and his legacy. Then she invites us to wonder what sort of a conversation Jerome Berryman and St Ignatius might have together if they met for coffee – these two who are so passionate about accompanying others and how we create space to be aware of God.

This is the third, and final, workshop of the Spring 2022 season, offering creative ways to engage, explore and think about our Godly Play practice.

The workshops will return in Autumn 2022.

4th May at 10am BST or 25th May at 7pm BST

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About Brenda
Brenda Timmer is a Godly Play Trainer, Spiritual Director, and Methodist Minister. She is based in South Africa.

We are offering this presentation with no charge, but would ask that you consider making a donation of $10(US) to the Godly Play International Development Fund. When making your donation include the International Development Fund in the dedication field. You can do that by clicking here:

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