Who are Godly Play UK?

About Us

Making space for questions about the meaning and purpose of life

Our Vision

Godly Play UK’s vision is for childhood spirituality to be taken seriously.

What does Godly Play offer?

Ways to be community Building trust and exploring together
Ways to create sacred space Making a place to wonder, and taking time to reflect
Ways to get inside stories Discovering the languages of word, gesture, symbol and silence
Ways to search for meaning Supported by community, story and space, deepening spiritual meaning in our lives

Our Aims

Godly Play UK is a Christian movement centred on childhood spirituality.

Godly Play recognises childhood spirituality as an instinctive and profound capacity that includes a natural, sense of God’s mystery and presence.

We provide training, advice and support for those who use the Godly Play method to transform thinking and practice for the whole of life.

Through Godly Play theory and practice we advocate and provide for better recognition and care of childhood spirituality – a spirituality for life.

Through Godly Play we promote open, creative ways to explore Christian story and practices, so the art of using spiritual language meaningfully in our lives can be enjoyed at all ages.

Through Godly Play we offer a well-tested alternative to seeing children as empty vessels, and to the stressful societal cultures of consumerism, measurement and achievement.

The Godly Play UK Trust seeks to achieve its aims by

  • Providing training advice and support for those who use the Godly Play method,
    working with the worldwide Godly Play community;
  • working with others:  churches, schools, denominations, community groups, training colleges
  • raising awareness of the vision and values of Godly Play practice
  • seeking to apply GP process and principles to the work of the organisation
“where people would seldom read and almost never listen to sermons, Godly Play and the imagination it inspired became my principal form of preaching”

— The Rev’d Dr Sam Wells, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields

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