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The training & guidance you need

No matter what your experience or setting, our talented team of trainers is able to provide custom training and guidance that will enable you to confidently use Godly Play in your context.

We offer three possibilities:

You can also just get in touch we’d be glad to discuss bespoke training with you →

An Experience of Godly Play

This is a good place to start. Trainers and Advocates are delighted to offer these taster sessions, lasting between 90 minutes and 2 hours. This could, for example, be a twilight session for staff in school or a Saturday morning in-service training for your Sunday school team. You are invited to participate in a full Godly Play session for yourself, to get a flavour for what it is like. 

Please email admin@godlyplay.uk  to request this. When you make contact, we might also be able to put you in touch with someone who is already using Godly Play. Alternatively, check with the officers responsible for children’s work in the local regional office of your denomination. 

“Godly Play training has opened my eyes to a new way of untangling the human and holy story and I can’t wait to use my new story telling skills”


Face-to-face sessions may be free in your local area or for a small fee (to cover travel expenses).

An online Experience Session will be led by a Godly Play UK trainer or one of Godly Play UK Advocates. The cost for this is £10 per person. Subsidised places may be available. See the booking form for details.




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An Introduction to Godly Play

An Introductory Day (face-to-face or a series of sessions on-line), led by a Godly Play UK trainer and an experienced storyteller, offers participants a chance to discuss key elements of the Godly Play approach. You will see a carefully laid out sacred space, hear some Godly Play stories and enjoy the opportunity to respond. You will also explore some of the resources. The group size is small, ideal for asking all your questions. You can book as an individual or bring a group. Look at the list of courses available or contact admin@godlyplay.uk to request one.


Costs for this vary between £25 and £45 per person to book a place on an advertised Introductory Day (face-to-face). Alternatively, you may request a day for your team (up to 20 people) for £300.  Contact admin@godlyplay.uk

We also offer  online introductions, run over four 90 minute sessions. The cost of this four-sessions series is £45 per person. Subsidised places may be available. Contact admin@godlyplay.uk


School INSET

We can also offer INSET options to schools. Contact admin@godlyplay.uk



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“I loved the way each session was presented. We were taken straight into the heart of this lovely way of presenting stories to children and offering them material for their imagination, (and ours)”

Core Training

More than 1500 people have completed an accredited training course with Godly Play UK.  

Certificated three-day courses are led by members of the College of Trainers of Godly Play UK. This training enables you to use the Godly Play method and understand its principles. The training follows an action/reflection model of learning, through hands-on experience and reflection, rather than lectures.

There is a mixture of trainer-led sessions and opportunities for coached participant storytelling presentations. We work in a model Godly Play environment, with the opportunity to use and see a comprehensive set of resources. Each day focuses on a different kind of Godly Play presentation (sacred stories, parables and liturgical action/church practice) to help you begin to understand how different genres of Christian language support spiritual exploration.

Workshops in this core training also cover:

  • The Spirituality of Childhood
  • Setting up a Godly Play environment
  • Your particular context, concerns and questions.


Costs vary (between £315 and £440) depending on whether the course is residential or not. 

Dates for forthcoming Core Training around the UK are listed here. Please email admin@godlyplay.uk  to register interest for you or your team, or to book a place on a course.

Godly Play UK is committed to using 10% of its annual gain to provide a small number of bursaries to help people undertake a three-day course. Gifts from members of the Godly Play Associates scheme are also sometimes available to help people undertake core training. The application form sets out the conditions and parameters for this.


Core Training

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